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3 : 3

Winged Bull
NSL Major Division League Game
August 2, 2017

Hawthorn Park - Cicero, Illinois


Warta pick up a draw against a more complete opposition;


Alex Gomez late goal sealed a draw against Winged Bull in their first match after a summer break.


Warta completed a great comeback without most of their starting players against a more complete side in a battle for sole second place spot AAC Winged Bull.


Right in the beginning Warta produced a few scoring chances as Akim Suraji made his return to the team found himself in great spot but his final shot missed the target.

Visitors took the lead just after a quarter of the half from the penalty spot as Cesar Franco was penelized for handball in front of the goal.


Minutes later, Franco scored an equalizer as he headed the ball from a corner kick at the far post to level the game at 1:1.


Warta who were the better side after a slow start found themselves down by a goal just minutes before the halftime break and had much more work to do going into the second half as Winged Bull scored their third right after a restart.


Being down by two goals, Warta made a tactical change and it proved to be very productive, as they became more and more dangerous in the attacks, but at the same time not exposing too much in the back.


Alex Gomez had a great chance to score but his shot hit the cross bar, and minutes later Will Butler and Akim Suraji had perfect chance but sent the ball wide of an open net.


Finally, Erik Ontiveros executed a spot kick after Suraji was fouled inside the box, cutting the lead to just one goal. 

Alex Gomez scored the equalizer just four minutes later and with plenty of time the homeside could have had the game winner, but again the first game after a break was not in their favorite in this match.


Great game from both sides as the both teams battled for a top spot for time being to open the second half of the season.


Game Roster: G. Franco Wnek, Saucedo, C. Franco, Vazquez, Salas, Pachar, Paz, Ontiveros, Suraji, M. Gomez Butler, A. Gomez.