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CKS Warta Soccer Club - founded in 1996


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CKS Warta - Soccer Club was founded on July 16, 1996 by Joseph Teluch and Marek Jakubas, who also became the first President and Vice-President of the Organization.


At first Warta played as Klub Wielkopolski under the supervision of Social Club from Poznan in Chicago in year 1994, and as Wally's Market on a community business vs another community business at Company picnics which later became the roots of the Polish Soccer Groups and which became known as the Polish Soccer League of Chicago. The first member to put these teams together was Joseph Teluch. In 1995 a year later the same boys called themselves as "Pogon" played at the 41 Sports Club indoor House league for the first time.

After the Indoor season the "picnic" continued until June 1996 as that's when they decided to become an affiliated Club and the name was elected as "Warta".  Warta is one of the biggest rivers in Poland running thru the city of Poznan - hometown of Stanley Stawski (largest Distributor of Imported Beers and Liqour from Europe, mostly Poland) who became the first Honorable President of the Club,

The first board members of the Warta Club was as follows:

Marek Jakubas - President, Joseph Teluch - Vice President, Wojciech Nowacki, Zbigniew Kupcewicz, Krzysztof Opiola, Zbigniew Wolas, Jacek Mysliwski, Zbigniew "Biueniu" Sadalski, Krzysztof Kossowski....

Competitions History:

Warta first affiliated with the National Soccer League (NSL) the oldest league in the Chicagoland area in November of 1996 to start the Indoor League. The first season in the NSL was a good start for this team led by a coach Zbigniew Kupcewicz, who finished fourth and only two points shy of playoffs. Outdoor season was much like indoor but this time Warta did not worry about making the playoffs because they finished first in their group Division and advanced to the First Division for next year.

In 1997 Warta has won the Second Division and were promoted to the First Division for the Outdoor Season.  Year later still under the coaching by Zbigniew Kupcewicz, Warta has won the First Division Champions and a ticket to Major Division. Once again the Top Gun came out big, and as for the Coach who was named the Manager of the year of the Second Division in 1997, and Maros Havran Player of the year as well as the Rookie of the Year and ever since he was the top scorer in the league...

Season 1997/98 Indoor was the record setting by Warta, as they have won 15 out of 16 games and tying one (vs. Tricolor) as they advanced to Major Division and stayed there ever since. Havran has set the scoring record by First Division History with (43 goals) and Irek Baran with (25 goal). Warta had outscored their opponents by scoring over 200 goals and allowing only 36 that year (indoor and outdoor combine).

 Major Division was not to count Warta from the picture, even that in the first indoor season they finished second from the bottom, but bounced back the very next years and finished second overall losing 5-1 to ADRIA in the finals.

Outdoor both next seasons Warta finished in second place of their groups...

In 1998 Warta has won the First Division Sectional Championship and a promotion to the Major Division.  That same year Warta was elected as the Team of the Year for 1998.  Same as year before, Zbigniew Kupcewicz and Maros Havran were named the Coach and the Player of the year.  

1998 was a year when Warta "B" was established and started to play with the NSL indoor. Nothing special in the first two seasons, but outdoor Warta "B" was a threat as each year they have been improving for better.

Warta also was very successful in an Annual Polish Soccer Tournament. Not until the year 2000 and 2001 Warta was almost unknown to Polish communities in the U.S.. In 2000 Warta lost in a semi-finals to Podhale Chicago, but year later 2001 Warta has bursted out of nowhere and found themselves in the finals vs Vistula Garfield NJ, after a hard day of game by game Warta tied Vistula 1-1 in regular time and lost on penalty kicks.

Year 2002 Polish American Soccer Tournament was held by the last years Champs "Vistula Garfield" in Garfield New Jersey. Warta as any other team from Chicago went there with an intension to win this year, Warta came out as the best team from Chicago satisfying third place overall. Once again Warta was close grabbing this so called desperate trophy but came out short as they dropped one in semi-finals to this years runner-up (ZPA Perth Amboy - a New Jersey Team).

Warta as for one of the youngest teams is one of the most growing and expending teams in the Chicago land area and Illinois. Now Warta has still two Senior teams - Warta "A" in Major Division and Warta "B" in Second Division of the NSL. In year 2000 Warta has established a program for the kids, now a new section of Kids Under 8 who is affiliated with the Northern Illinois Soccer League. In 2002 Warta kids will expend into two team Kids U-9 and Kids U-8.

1999 was the first year that Warta "B" played Outdoor Season in the lowest Second Division and finished in the middle of the table by the end of the season.

Warta "A" has proven themselves in the 2001 year as they became the 2001/02 NSL Indoor Champs as they beat BH Lilies in the final 5:3 scores from Havran -2, Lechowicz, Bujdei, and Nachajski. Warta and their rival team BH Lilies came out in the same season and as Warta moved up the Lilies moved up too. Warta entire indoor season was the team with most wins overall!

2002 Outdoor season for Warta was a little disappointment, after finishing strong Indoor Warta was expected to be the top candidate for the playoff and the league Championship. But Warta managed to win only few games and came out short of the playoff berth as they finished fourth in the division.

Not making the playoffs Warta turned to prepare the team for the cups, and it did payoff. Warta has won the state USASA National Cup and will represent the State of Illinois at the Regional National Cup in June of 2003. This win proved that Warta still has it and are still one of the dangerous teams in Chicagoland as they beat one of the top teams of the Metropolitan League (Green and White) in the final with a score of 4:0.

Also Warta "B" with their best indoor season as they made the playoffs, and lost in the semi-finals to the First Division Champs Winged Bull... but regardless the lost, Warta "B" had a great season which proved the strong club of CKS Warta had in year 2001/02.

2002 Outdoor season for Warta "B" was not so bad, they did not managed to advanced to First Division as they finished in fourth place, but did put a good show throughout the entire season, and Marcin Sierak the teams top scorer from indoor and outdoor was named Co-player of the Years in the Second Division by the NSL.

Warta "B" as a Warta U-23 did good in the cup games but lost in the State Final of the USASA National Cup to Chicago Alliance (0:3).

Marcin Sierak from Warta "B" was elected as Co-Player of the year for the year 2002.  Sierak is the second Warta player to be selected and honored with this recognition.  Maros Havran was the other and he did so three years in a row (1997-1999)...

Also 2002 was a year when Warta put together a Senior Girls Team under the coach Mr. Kasper of Foreman High School..  The Team lasted only for one Spring season as the girls did manage to win few games but just could not compete against  better sides... In Summer of 2002 this team was dispended..

In early March 2002, Warta has lunched its Official Club Web Site -  The site with all the up to date news, information and updates.

The 2002/03 Indoor Season after finishing and winning the Overall Championship last season, Warta "A" came in with a new and younger team, but managed to make the playoff for the 5th consecutive year, but it did not come in easy as they fought to stay in Major Division for the entire 16 games. Warta lost their first game in playoff against Wisla SAC in a dramatic close match, and were out till next year.

Warta "B" came in short by an inch to reach the playoffs, after a good season but could not put the final exclamation mark to seal the deal.

As for Warta Kids, 2002 was the last season for that team under Warta, as they decided to switch and move to a different Club, now only the youngest of them stayed and still grow under new coach Tomasz Jankowski (a B-Team Player as well).

2003 Outdoor season Warta started with the same young and re-built team and will try to equal or do even better as previous seasons, and Warta did reached their goal.

Warta "A" finished in second place behind RWB Adria with the same points but three goal difference, and made the playoffs - Semi-finals of the NSL Playoff Warta "A" lost to the Overall Champions Winged Bull.

As for Warta "B" they came short of few points to reach the playoffs after a very good season, but could not put the finishing touch.

The XVIII Annual Polish Soccer Tournament of North America hosted by Polonia New York i New York - Warta went with their strongest team using some of the guest players from Legovia, Adria, Maroons, and Gazelle, and under new Coach Teddy Kraft.

Warta won their three first games: vs ZPA Perth Amboy of New Jersey 2:1, Polonia Greenpoint New York 2:0, and Olympia Stamford Conn. 3:0- and lost one to Polonia Mielec of Chicago 0:2, on Sunday morning Warta needed only a tie to advance to the semi-finals - but the luck ran out in the 90 min when the REAL TRENTON of New Jersey scored of a Penalty Kick and sent Warta home with a 0:1 defeat.

The 2003/04 Indoor Season for Warta "A" was a strong start, as for most of the season they held the second spot in group, but losses to a lower ranking teams Warta dropped to third and stayed there for the remaining season, and which qualified them for a playoff spot.

The first playoff game vs a favors RWB Adria, Warta played an outstanding game and beat Adria (6:2) on 4 goals from Lukasz Zukowski, and single marks from Marek Marsal and Rafal Nachajski.

The second game vs Winged Bull, Warta ran out of steam and were defeated (1:6) a single mark from Lukasz Zukowski.

As for Warta "B" they finished fifth place in group and hopes for playoffs.

In year 2004, Warta was granted to host the biggest Polish Sports Event outside their Country, The Annual Polish Soccer Tournament of North America.  The XXIX Annual Polish Soccer Tournament was held at the LTSC Fields in Libertyville, a place to 36 Teams which set the record thus far.  Warta has earned their name among the best hosted Tournaments in the history of this event.  Special thanks went out to Zbigniew Kupcewicz, Joseph Teluch and Marek Jakubas who made it possible.  Unfortunately, Warta after advancing from their group stage, lost to Galexy SC 3:0 in a Quarterfinal match.

Despite a very poor start of the 2005/06 Indoor League, with five straight losses Warta "A" snapped out of it, and went on a nine undefeated streak games.. But it was not enough at the end to make the playoffs.. For the first time in seven years Warta "A" team did not make the post season..

Lukasz Zukowski finished as the team top scorer and was in the race for the Major Division Top Scorer with 21 goals, while Radu Giurgiu with 7, Traian Maier and Serafin Vega Jr. finished with 6 goals apiece.

Warta "B" proved their strong outdoor finish with taking over the third spot of the Blue Section of the First Division and made the Indoor Playoffs for the second time in their history.  Unfortunately they were out in their first game against West Bosnia "B" loosing a close and emotional game especially in the second half 2:3.  Warta being down 0:3 found a way to bounce back and pull within a goal, almost had a heroic equalizer with few seconds left but missed the opportunity. 

Warta "B" attack was one of the most dangerous in the First Division as they were in the top among most goals scored by a team,  Piotr Maciantowicz had 23 goals, Jan Marzec with 13 and both Andrzej Jarzabek and Sebastain Mielcarek with 12 goals apiece. 

Going into the 2006 Outdoor Season, Warta "A" made few changes to their squad by bringing in few younger players, hoping to do much better then in 2005 as they found themselves out of playoffs in the final game after loosing to Jahbat FC 1:2...

Warta "B" made only few adjustments to their team, and will try to repeat 2005 season and move up to the First Division for the first time since its affiliation in 1998..

Year 2006 was another poor for the club, as Warta "A" finished in fourth place missing out on playoffs for the second straight year.  Warta "B" finished their season in last place of the group after reaching the finals last year.

Besides their poor performance in the NSL the teams have done poorly in all competitions, as they finished in the last place of their group at the Polish Tournament which is the largest soccer event for the Polish Communities in the US.  This was the worst finish in the tournament in club history.  Warta failed in the Champions League as they earned only a point and finished dead last of group B.  Same outcome was in the Green & White Tournament as well as the Baraboo Tournament.  After poor finish in tournaments and poor performance in the league, the club decided to relieve their coach Michal Hriso.

The only spotlight of the year was, Marcin Sierak reaching his 100th goal for the club in all competitions.  Sierak is the second player on all time scoring list to reach 100 or more goal for the club right with Maros Havran.

Warta once again has returned to the Indoor for the 2006/07 season with three teams, Warta "A" in the Major Division and both Warta "B" & "C" in the First Division. Neither team has reached the playoffs and for Warta "A" its the second consecutive year out of the post season as they finished in fourth place.  The team had great potentials at the beginning but came short in most needed games.  Warta "B" started the indoor season with a 6 game loosing streak and just with two points in the first half of the season, but later picked up a undefeated streak to finish off in a style.  Warta "C" Team was mostly made out of young players from Elk Grove Village High School, not much was expected from them, but the team did surprised and shocked some teams by taking their points away.

Going into the 2007 Outdoor Season the club has a great player selection as most of them stayed with the club.  Warta "A" has moved some of the "C" team players to the first squad and the rest of them joined with the second team players to create a competitive "B" Team.

The combination proved to be successful as Warta "A" almost grabbed their first ever Major Division Championship but ran out of luck at the end and finished in third place overall.

Warta B made a great run, not only reaching the playoffs for the second time in their history but also earned their promotion to First Division for next year as they finished in first place of the Section.  Marcin Sierak the "A" team top scorer with 17 in League games and 3 in Cup Competition gave him a total of 20 goals for the season.

Andrzej Jarzabek finished as the B Team top scorer with 15 goals, and Grzegorz Sulocha earned his first ever Top Keeper award of the Second Division with the fewest goals allowed in a single season.

The Club made only few adjustments to the squad by bringing up the C Team players, as they proved to be the right choice.

Warta had earned an individual recognitions at the Annual NSL Banquet in 2007.  Joseph Teluch was named the Manager of the Year Major Division, Krzysztof  Pawlik as the Coach of the Year Second Division, Grzegorz Sulocha as the Second Division Top Keeper and Bart Sarnecki as been nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award of the Second Division.   The Club has not earned such recognitions for a while, the last time the names of Warta officials were awarded back in 1998 under the Coach Zbigniew Kupcewicz. 

The 2007 Season proved to be a recognizing year for the Club, by the NSL Officials.

In 2007/08 Indoor Season Warta struggled, winning just two games and earning a total of 7 points in 16 matches.  For the first time since its promotion ten years ago, Warta was relegated.  The Team performance was very poor overall.

Warta " B" survived relegation to new structured second division for next season as they finished half way in the table.  Andrzej Jarzabek was the team top scorer with 17 goals.

And new to this kind of game, Warta C (Zaglebie SC) did very well for their debut season finishing also in the top six teams in the table.  Rafal Dabek lead the team with 11 goals for the season, as they will be making their return next season with better ambitions.

After a poor Indoor Season, the teams came out hoping for a better 2008 Outdoor.  Unfortunately Warta "A" found themselves in trouble again, loosing the first 9 matches before their first victory in week 10th of the NSL League.  With the departure of some players, the team was building during the ongoing season, and before they got things working they were in last place without a point to show for. 

The return of Marcin Sierak, Lukasz Zukowski, Stanislaw Radzik and Bart Lasek back to the squad with new faces such as Zbigniew Wojciaczyk, Miroslaw Wojtylo, and newly signed new players but still without their starting goalkeeper, the team finally found a break they were looking for most of the season, by signing back Piotr Romanek for the keeper position. 

Warta "B" managed to climb up the table in newly promoted First Division, but ran out of gas towards the end and dropped back to the last six teams which gave them another task to face, the Classification Section and a fight for survival in that Division.

At the end both teams finally managed to avoid relegation and will remain in their respectful Divisions for next year.   A very poor start but a little stronger finish gave Warta "A" a good position in the final standings. 

2008/09 Indoor League: Warta "A" did get relegated, and Warta "B" wins the Overall Champions but failed to get promoted.

This year, Warta "A" did not avoid of being sent down as they managed to earn just 4 points in all 16 league matches. 

Warta B on the other hand felt short by two points to move up to Major Division, but bounced right back and won the First Division Overall Championship Trophy.  Marcin Sierak finished as the League Top Scorer with 26 goals, and was also named the League First Division MVP..

Warta C finished the Indoor Season in third place from the bottom of the table..

In 2009 Outdoor Season, Warta A dropped down to First Division after a poor season finish. Warta B reached the playoffs and made it as far as semifinals where they lost to FK Republika Serpska 1:6 after a 2:1 Quarterfinal win over DAS Magic.

Warta A with another disappointing performance sent them down after 11 years dominance in the Major Division.

IN the next Indoor Season Warta came short of earning their promotion back to Major Division despite leading the table for most of the early season.  Warta A finished in third place and were out in the first round of playoffs as they lost to their sister team Warta B 2:4..  Warta B on the other hand started the season very well but came short as they finished in second place behind SAC Wisla. 

In their first match of the Playoffs they defeated Warta A 4:2 but fell victims to FK Tirana in the Semi-Final match by the score of 1:4..

Warta C came out of their slump closer to the end of the season and managed to finish in third place form the bottom after few wins..  The Indoor Season was a great preparation for the teams heading to the outdoor season with two teams.  Warta A looking for a way to get back to the Major Division after being relegated last year and Warta B will look to repeat their playoff experience once again..

Returning to Major Division for the 2010 Outdoor Season after Costa Guerrero decided to pull out, Warta was given the second life again.  Unfortunately, it was a season of disappointment for the first team, earning just 6 points in the entire season but avoided relegation due to Inferno SC dropping out of the league.  The Club continues to struggle to put together a winning team to get them back onto the stage where they were for most of their history.

Lukasz Zukowski led the team in scoring with 7 goals (with 5 in league and 2 in Tournaments) while Lukasz Cichowski and Edwin Martinez finished with 4 goals each.  Poor defense allowed league high 63 goals, as it was another season full of disappointments for Warta A.

Warta B on the other hand found themselves in a though race between five teams, besides Hrvat who finished first in group, all other teams were in danger of relegation till the final week.  Wartas' second team finished in fifth place with four goals clear of relegation and just two points behind second and third place teams which kept them out of the playoffs as well. 

Despite strong finish in final week of the season, Warta B had a disappointed year after a great start in first half of the season.

Warta participated in State Cup, Baraboo Tournament and in the Hellenic Tournament without any success.

2010/11 Indoor Season did not bring any success for the Club, Warta "A" back in the Major Division managed to win few games but it was not enough to keep them in the top division as they were relegated. Player injury problems was the factor of disappointing finish in the end.

Warta "B" in the First Division started off poorly, but finished strong until the last match of the season.  The B Team had a great opportunity to make the playoffs on the final week of regular season but lost to RWB Adria B and missed out on a great chance to make the post-season.

Going into the 2011 Outdoor Season, the Club is celebrating their 15th Year of Service with two teams, Warta "A" in the Major Division once again and Warta "B" in the First Division.

The First team started the season very well before running into some problems, after making the adjustments the A team finished in fourth place of their section two points shy of making the playoffs.

For the B Team Outdoor Season was very similar to the Indoor, but this time instead being close of reaching the playoffs they managed to avoid relegation.

2011/12 Indoor Season became more productive for the First team as they finished in fourth place just points shy of making the playoffs.  It came down to the final game of the season to eliminate the team from making the post season for the first time in years.  Despite strong finish but missing out on playoffs, Warta did manage to cheer as they lifted the Trophy for winning the Cup of Nations for the first time as team Mexico managed and coached by Warta Coach Joe Teluch..  Mexico team made most out of Warta players with three outside players have won all the games and defeated Serbia in the Final by the score of 3:2..

Warta B has struggled to make the most of it in the First Division and in the final weeks of the Indoor Season the team had been relegated to Second Division for next year.  Also, Warta B had been folded and withdrawn from the 2012 Outdoor Season for the first time since its appearance in 1998..

In 2012 Warta with just one team in the League Competition had huge hopes of making the playoffs with new signings, but at the end it proved to be another disappointment as the team failed to secure their stay in the Major Division and were relegated to First Division for year 2013.  Atanacio Romo was the top team scorer with 5 goals on the season.. In League and in State Cup, the team failed to accomplish anything, the only satisfaction the team had, was reaching the semi-finals at the Baraboo Wisconsin Wing Tournament at which they lost to Lions SC 2:1

2012/13 Indoor Season became one of the best finishes in team history in the last few years by reaching the Semifinals where they lost to RWB Adria 2:4.  After finishing the regular season in second place of the Red Section behind Albanian Stars, Warta recorded a 10 win season with the third best offense and second best defense of the Major Division.  Dropping out in the Semifinals after defeating FK Kozarac 6:3 in Quarterfinals, Warta made their statement in their history after a long playoff drought came to an end.

After a successful 2012/13 Indoor Season, Warta continued their success into the 2013 Outdoor Season in Major Division where the team finished in Second Place right behind Adria with third best offense and third best defense in the league.  This spot earned them a bye into the first Semi-Final Game in Club's History where the team was defeated by Gazelle SC by the score of 0:3.  Atanacio Romo finished the season as the teams best scorer with 11 goals on the season in 8 games..

Another success for the Club in 2013 was also participation in the Sports Zone Indoor Men's League in which the team finished in 3rd Place on Monday League after going undefeated in regular games but lost in Semi Final to Real Madrid 10:11 on penalty kicks after a 7:7 regular game score.  Also in Sports Zone Men's Tuesday League, the team went undefeated and won 1st Place Trophy after defeating FC Mex in the Final by the score of 7:2..

After a successful outdoor season, Warta had the best start to the 2013/14 NSL Indoor League Season during which the team went undefeated for 12 games before loosing to Chicago Stars as their only loss on the season.  With a great season, the team failed to keep the top Sectional spot despite leading by six points at time over Adria who became the NSL Champions for the fifth straight season.  Warta reached the semifinals where they fell victims to Albanian Stars 1:2 despite playing one of their best games but failed to score goals.

Warta was also the only team which Adria has not defeated this season, capturing their first victory over the ranging champions and a draw to finish off the regular season.  Team had three team top scorers among Atanacio Romo, Mario Hernandez and Matthew Eliason as all three finished with 11 goals each.

Despite having a tremendous NSL Indoor Season, Warta failed to finish off their history record to win any trophies of which they much deserve to.  The Club did win the Community Silver Shield and two Sports Zone Open Men's Division First Places but nothing in NSL Major competition.

In 20014 Outdoor Season, Warta brought back the B Team which competed in the First Division and also stayed for the 2014/15 Indoor Season.

Warta "A" on the other hand reached the Quarterfinals of the National Soccer League Major Division where they were defeated by FC UTA Chicago 2:1..  In 2014 Tournaments, Warta participated in their first Copa Alianza Verizon Cup in July where they finished in first place of their group and were knocked out in semifinals by Atl. Nacional.  Baraboo Tournament the team missed out on reaching the final with two goals less scored in their group games.

Another successful 2014/15 Indoor Season for Warta as the "A" Team reached Semifinals where they lost to RWB Adria 1:2 after finishing in second place behind Albanian Stars.  In first quarterfinal game Warta defeated Chicago Fire U23 2:0 and advanced to the semifinal where Adria was awaiting.

Warta A did not walked away without any silverware as they defended the Silver Community Shield as they defeated SAC Wisla to win this Community Silverware for the second year in a row.

Warta B in the First Division after a dominant season have been Crown as the Overall Champions after a huge win over Assyrian FC with 13:12 penalty shootout.  After a 4:4 regular time score and no goals in overtime, Warta outshot the opponents 13:12 on penalties to grab the second ever in their history Championship Trophy.  Wartas' Rakan Aldarsouni was selected as the League MVP...  Regular Season Warta B finished in second place even on 39 points with Assyrian FC but Assyrian had the head to head advantage as they defeated Warta earlier in the season. 

2015 Outdoor Season, Warta finished as semifinalists of the NSL Major Division after loosing to RWB Adria 2:1...  In may 2015 Warta was invited to play a friendly match against a semi-pro side in Muskegon Michigan against Risers FC to whom the team lost 3:0.

Also in 2015 Warta finished as semifinalists of the Copa Alianza Tournament in which Warta finished atop of their group without conceding a goal.. In Quarterfinals they defeated Gazelle SC 2:1 and in semifinal after a 1:1 draw on own goal, Warta was defeated on penalty kicks by La Espernanza..

2015/16 Indoor Season Warta came in as the favors and after a successful start to the season, Warta finished first in the Blue Section giving them the Blue Sectional Championship for first time in history.  In the playoffs Warta started off from Semifinal game against Chicago Fire u23 who defeated Albanian Stars in QF to advance.  Warta wasted gave the young team no chance as they went on to the final with a 5:1 win.

In the Final Warta faced Bosnia & Herzegovina SC a rematch of the 2001 NSL Final.  Warta took an early 2:0 lead but let it slip away before the half as Bosnia scored two to level at the half.  In the second half, Warta looked lost and gave up three more goals before pulling one back but it was too late to score more and the team had to settle for the Second Place Overall.

Warta White (B-Team) also finished first in their Section of the First Division just to see their luck run out in the first playoff game against Albania FC where they lost 3:5.

Three Trophies in 2015/16 NSL Indoor Season for the Club was not bad at all, despite loosing the Silver Community Shield to Wisla late in March 2016.  Warta won two times straight this Polish Community Plate, but failed to defend it to win it third straight year in a row.

2016 Outdoor Season Warta was one of the favorites to win the league after a great start to the season and with Semi-Pro Friendly games win against Muskegon Risers (1:0), Aurora Borralis (2:1), FC Lloyds (England) (2:1) and Cedar Rapids Rampage (3:3), Warta failed to finish off strong after loosing most of their key players to Collage and the return of Drago Stojkov back to his country of Macedonia proved to be the turning point.  After a long undefeated streak, Warta lost to their rivals Wisla in a key derby match and then were out scored huge by RWB Adria in the final weeks of the season.

Once again Warta participated in Copa Alianza where they were defeated in a Semi-Final game by La Esperanza team by the score of 1:2.. 

2016/17 Indoor Season ended in disappointment as they were defeated in a Final of the Champions Division 5:3 by BiH SC once again.  After a great start to the Indoor Season, Warta missed out on grabbing the Sectional Championship but went on to play the Final after 3:1 win over Deportivo Guerrero in Semifinal just to get a repeat from previous season championship game. 

2017 Outdoor Season:  Warta finished in third place with just three points out of the leaders Gazelle, and in League Cup Warta dropped out after first round defeat to Winged Bull on penalty kicks.

In regular season Warta have lost just two games with second best defense but came up short with five draws to grab their first ever outdoor title.

2017-18 Indoor Season - WARTA A CROWNED CHAMPIONS!!  Warta A have defeated Albanian Stars 5:3 in the Final as De La Cruz scored 4 goals to win their First Indoor Championship in 17 years.  After finishing in second in regular season Warta went into the playoffs with first game bye as they faced Vikings AA  - Adrian Ortiz last second goal sent Warta thru to their third consecutive Indoor Final where they face Albanian Stars.  After a great performance and solid game, Warta earned their well deserved Overall Championship on the NSL Champions Division.  Juan De La Cruz was also name Finals MVP and regular season Top Scorer with 20 goals.

2018 Started off well for the Club as they WON their First Illinois STATE CUP trophy by defeating Gazelle SC 3:1 in the final.  Daniel Damian scored a second half hat-trick to claim the Tony Dallas Cup for Warta.

Warta finished the season off with winning the 2018 NSL League CHAMPIONSHIP after defeating Wisloka Chicago 4:0 in the final on goals from Luis Adame, Will Butler, Juan De La Cruz and Joel Del Toro.

Very successful  year for the club as they won won the Triple Crown in 2018.

2018/19 Indoor Season: Warta started off right where they left off as they topped the table to finish 2018 Year.  Start of 2019 Year, Warta has won the 2019 Polish Silver Community Shield after defeating SAC Wisla 5:1 and Xavier Gomez selected as the game MVP.

Warta A finished the regular season in second place, even on points with 23 behind Albanian Stars who had the head to head edge over Warta.

In the League playoffs, Warta defeated Berber Stars in the Semi Finals and were unable to defend their Championship glory as they fell to Albanian Stars by the final score of 1:3.  Rodolfo Gonzalez was crowned as the best Goalkeeper.

Warta B in Major Division finished their regular season in third place and beat Chicago Blast 7:3 in the quarterfinals but came short against MUFC Red Devils in the semifinals as they lost 2:4 to finish a great season by the youngsters.

2019 Warta u23 won the IL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP by defeating the Milwaukee Bavarians u23 by the score of 5:1. Abdulwahab Bukola scored a second half hat trick to pace the team to victory, as Alan Salmeron and Angelo Oquendo scored two more to win their first State Cup and second straight for the Club in Open and u23 Divisions.

After winning the u23 State Cup, Warta went on and WON the Region II Tournament of Champions in the u23 Division by defeating Livonia City FC u23 by the score of 2:0 on goals from Angel Arismendiz and Bukola Abdulwahab.

That same Tournament the u23 team competed in Open Division and after winning their group, Warta was knocked out in Semifinal on penalty kicks by LK ST Clair from Michigan after a 1:1 regulation time score.

As for Warta A in the National Soccer League the season ended in some disappointment where team finished in fourth place with 5 points in 8 games (three games lost by forfeit).

In 2019 NSL Post Season Tournament (League Cup) Warta lost to Gazelle SC 1:2 in semifinals as Gazelle scored two goals from the penalty spot to wrap up the disappointing season for Warta.

January 17, 2020 in their 6th week of NSL Indoor League, Warta defeated HDS Eagles 6:0 on two goals from Luis Adame and single goals from Mario Hernandez, Humberto Hernandez, Brandon Loncar and Kemish Gomez to win the Polish Community Silver Shield second year in a row.

The 2019/20 NSL Indoor Season has been shortened as with two games remaining the league has cancelled the rest of the Indoor Season due to coronavirus outbreak.

Warta has finished in second place with 24 points and behind first place Albanian Stars who won the Division ten points ahead of Warta with 34.  This was the first year the NSL played the Indoor Season without playoff qualifications and team with most points was named as the Champion for 2019/20 Indoor Season.

In First Division Warta u23 finished in third place as Czarni Jaslo won the Division ahead of CD Taji by one point.

2020 Outdoor Season had been suspended due to COVID-19 State Guidelines, but Warta managed to play few friendly games.  The u23 team played in a mini summer tournament hosted by Bavarian SC in Glendale Wisconsin, and Warta went on to Iowa to play against the USL 2 Division team the Iowa Raptors FC which they lost 1:4.  This match was televised on local Iowa TV.  Warta with a young squad played well but failed to score goals as the hosts capitalized on most of theirs.

In 2020 August, Warta played two more friendly games against Mystery Men FC and Panathinaikos Chicago at Toyota Park Turf field in Bridgeview which became a temporary Warta home field.  In September, Warta went back to Wisconsin to face Bavarian SC Open Mens team which we lost 0:1. 

In October 2020 Warta joined a Semi-Pro Chicago Soccer 7 League at Toyota Park Dome affiliated with the Pro Mexican FIF7 Association.  After competing in the FIF7 Soccer Tournament in September, Warta decided to test their strength in a much different 7v7 competition.  After 5 games, Warta went undefeated and were in first place in standings before the season got suspended due to COVID-19 once again.

Also in October of 2020, Warta and Falcons FC joined together to form Warta Youth 2007 & 2006 Division, and with Chicago Arsenal FC to form Warta youth 2005 Division to play at the Grand Sports Arena Soccer League at Hoffman Estates joined by Warta u23 in Open Division.  Unfortunately, the league never started due to COVID.  Warta 2006 joined the Windy City Soccer League of Chicago at Chicago Soccer in Melrose Park where they competed in their age group.

In 2021 Warta joined Europa League for Indoor Season with two teams in Major Division, Warta A and Warta u23.  Warta A had a very good season finishing in second place and making the final where they've lost to Albanian Stars by the final score of 2:5 goals scored by Oscar Gonzalez and Adrian Ortiz.  While, Warta u23 with their youth players managed to just one point but had great experience playing against top teams in Chicago.

On July 17, 2021 CKS Warta u23 team has won their back-to-back State Championship after defeating Czarni Jaslo u23 on penalty shootout (4:2) - Regular game score ended 2:2 on goals from Librado Oliveras and Adam Przytula.

Regional Tournament of Champions Warta u23 finished in second place after loosing to Czarni Jaslo for the first place and Warta failed to defend their Region II Trophy.

2021 Outdoor NSL League, First Team Warta finished in second place behind RWB Adria in Major Division and CKS Warta u23 finished in fourth place of the First Division.

CKS Warta '06 team had their first debut in Windy City Soccer League Outdoor and won their first Championship after defeating team Tlacuachinez in the final on penalty kicks after a 1:1 score.

In Copita Alianza CKS Warta 2006 lost in semifinals after finishing at top of the table in their group.

2021/22 NSL Indoor Season - Warta were crowned NSL Major Division Champions...  After defeating Albanian Stars in the final by the score of 6:3 (goals by: Kikis Avalos -2, Luis Germano, Isaac Pereyra, Ulises Pineda and Osvaldo Espinoza)Warta became the League Champions.

Also, CKS Warta 2007 Youth team won their first ever Trophy as they Won the Windy City Soccer League of Chicago of the 2021/22 Indoor Season after defeating Tlacuachinez '07 team in the final by the score of 8:4. (Goals: Michael Marczak -3, Daniel B. -2, Andy Rodriguez -2, Lukasz Skupien)

CKS Warta Reserves finished in second place of the NSL First Division and were awarded a 2nd Place Trophy for the 2021/22 NSL Indoor League.

CKS Warta finished the Indoor Season with a Tournament Championship.  After a dominant performance in the "End of the Odeum Era" Tournament, Warta took home another trophy after winning the final 7:0 over Czarni Jaslo.  Kikis Avalos who was the team and runner up in League Top scoring list with 18, took the Finals and Tournament MVP scoring 8 goals in this competition.

2022 Outdoor Season: CKS Warta A in Major Division finished in second place behind RWB Adria and in State Cup the team were knocked out in the quarterfinals by Edgewater Castle FC on penalties.  Baraboo Tournament, CKS Warta made it to semifinals where they lost to Madison United on penalties after a 0:0 score.

CKS Warta Reserves finished in second place of the NSL First Division behind Firebirds SC. The U23 team also finished in second place behind Steel City FC of the inaugural NSL U23 Division, and in State Cup, the team lost in semifinals to Steel City on penalties after a dramatic 2:2 draw in regular time.  Due to inclement weather, the Regional's Tournament of Champions was cancelled for the u23 team.

Warta took advantage of the NSL Indoor off season and competed in the Windy City Premier League with First Team in Premier Division finishing in first place regular season, but were out in Semifinals as they lost to Atl. Nacional.  Warta Reserves playing in Second Division were out in Semifinals as well.

2022/23 Windy City Soccer League, Warta debuted with their Over35 Team and won their first Championship of the season after completing a perfect season with a 7:3 final win vs Taxco Viejo.

2023 Outdoor Season was not the best at Wartas' history in NSL or State Cup.  The only highlight of the 2023 Season for Warta was winning the Region II Tournament of Champions with their U23 as they won the trophy for second time in history by defeating FC Select in the final at Fort Wayne Indiana on 3:2 penalties, after a 1:1 regular time score.

With the Over35 Team, Warta won the 2023 InDe League Championship in their outdoor debut.

Warta started their 2024 Year with a Over35 Championship Trophy in the Latin American Soccer League at Five Star by defeating Victoria FC 4:2 in the Final.  Vlado Zadro scored two goals, while Admir Lejak and Alverio Rueda added one each to seasl their first trophy in 2024.




Club Presidents:

Marek Jakubas

Club President:

1996 - 2006

Joe Teluch

Club President:

2006 - present